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        Excellent quality


        Unity and reliability
        Taizhou GuanFeng Automation Equipment Co Ltd (formerly known as the crown of lean production studio) is a professional engaged in machining production line, assembly line of the overall planning, design and production of the company (mainly by TOYOTA TPS production mode theory), we undertake the production line in the non-standard equipment fixture, the fixture design and manufacture. Company is located in Chinas strong manufacturing base. Taizhou, five km from Huangyan airport, near Jiaojiang, Wenzhou, Ningbo port, convenient transportation is very convenient. Level of improvement.

        The rapid rising in science and technology today, the continuous upgrading of industries, new products continue to emerge, the rise of raw materials and the emergence of new labor law to make our enterprises are confronted with hitherto unknown challenge, to escape or not enough attention will affect the survival and development of enterprises and even be eliminated. We believe both challenges and opportunities coexist, we believe that as long as we strive to walk in front of competitors a small step, the other side will be a big step backward. We have been working hard to help enterprises to enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises, especially in the field of management and technical equipment to enhance the level of.

        Adhere to the production of high quality products, focus on the continuous improvement of the quality of production, the company has a sound pre-sale, after-sales service system. Specially prepared a full range of * * * professional service for you. We always adhere to the "quality of the user to conquer the credibility of the market," the purpose, so that the facts speak to make customers satisfied, at this, welcome customers at home and abroad to order and negotiate。
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